Rodolfo Rubio Sr., the founder and CEO of R&R Truck Sales, Inc., who came to this country chasing the American dream. Although nothing came easy, with great sacrifice, in 1989 he began selling pick-up trucks on Shepherd Street in Houston, TX. Quickly he saw an opportunity in commercial vehicles and he moved to 1402 McCarty St., where he has been located for the past 29 years. His wife, Liliana, was his right-hand man along their journey. They traveled all over the U.S. and Canada to bring inventory to this part of Texas. Soon they were selling not just locally, but to Central America, South America, Africa, and even Asia. Today, R&R Truck Sales, INC., continues to chase Rodolfo’s dream, by providing great customer service and by bringing people their desired inventory from all over the U.S. We will happily continue helping people from all over the nation and all over the world.